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4PeteSake provides relief to distressed River Valley residents who face extraordinary financial needs  and who are unable, through no fault of their own, to provide for themselves.


4PeteSake is run by a 10-member volunteer group. The independent committee is part of the public outreach program of The Christ Lutheran Church of Spring Green, which gives 4PeteSake access to a 501(c)3 organization, allowing contributions to be tax-deductible.

The committee chooses at least one recipient each year through an application process that begins in January. 4PeteSake recipients must live within the boundaries of the River Valley School District and find themselves in circumstances, through no fault of their own, for which assistance is needed. For example, 4PeteSake’s purpose may be fulfilled by providing assistance to persons who have extraordinary medical needs related to a disability or condition. To date, most recipients have had medically related needs.

4PeteSake’s primary goal is to relieve financial stress so recipients can focus on healing. 4PeteSake funds fill in where insurance leaves off, such as providing income replacement to keep the lights and heat on and to take care of other basic household expenses. The committee may also become an advocate for recipients, helping them sort through the maze of services and fees, and making the dollars provided stretch even further.


To apply for assistance from 4PeteSake, click HERE for an application. Mail completed application form to: 4Petesake, P.O. Box 577, Spring Green, WI 53588. To have an application mailed to you, please contact us at 4PeteSakeCharity@gmail.com.


All applications are reviewed by the 4PeteSake Committee. The 4PeteSake Committee reserves the right to determine the number of recipients to be funded and the amount that each recipient will receive. Each year’s allocation will vary depending on 4PeteSake’s financial position. Due to the organization’s limited financial resources, all eligible applicants may not receive funding. Priority will be given to those eligible applicants demonstrating the greatest need – as determined by the 4Petesake Committee – with the information available at the time the decision is made.

4PeteSake does not release funds directly to recipients; rather, the organization allocates an amount of assistance that is available to be used for the recipient’s financial assistance. Payments are made directly to the recipient’s creditors.

Recipients must authorize 4PeteSake, Inc. to use their name, photo and circumstances for promotional purposes (i.e, to raise money on their behalf on on behalf of other recipients). Recipients will be asked to participate in press coverage and other promotional activities as their health and circumstances allow. Applicants who do not receive funding will remain anonymous.


In 2005, Peter Greenwood was a 20-year-old bone cancer survivor with an above-the-knee amputation. He had always been active and would be able to thrive with one of the new generation of prosthetic legs. But Pete’s insurance didn’t cover it.

A group of people from the Spring Green community saw a need. They knew that if they could find a way to raise $40,000-$50,000, they could buy Pete the leg that could change his life. They went to work. Several months later, what began as a project had grown into a movement. Pete had a new leg and a new life. And that small group of concerned citizens, along with an impassioned group of volunteers, managed to so far exceed their original goal, that an organization was born: 4PeteSake.

4PeteSake’s new mission: assist River Valley residents in times of need in a way that can substantially change their circumstances and impact their quality of life. Since 2005, 4PeteSake has raised over $1,000,000 and helped to change the lives of over 50 River Valley-area residents. The money raised has change the lives of the recipients, while inspiring the River Valley community as a whole. It is in this spirit that every August, 4PeteSake holds its major fundraiser        A Day in the Park. with live music, a run/walk, food from local vendors, kids’ activities, a silent auction, a raffle drawing and more, this community-wide celebration helps raise the bulk of the money that 4PeteSake provides to its annual recipients.

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