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Help Our Church

Be faithful to attend and participate —  Some people underestimate their value of simply being present. Joining together with others adds to their encouragement, and it encourages the leaders and the pastor who have prayed and prepared all week to minister to you.

Commit yourself to love the Lord  —  “...You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself” (Luke 10:27). By clothing ourselves in God’s love, we help the church to reinforce this objective for every believer, and we also help to eliminate the elements of conflict and division which can hinder the unity of the church.

Pray for your church, its pastors and leaders —  The Apostle Paul explained that it is the duty of Christians to pray for all who are in authority, especially those in spiritual authority.  You can be a tremendous help by praying fervently for your church, and especially for the pastor and his family. Especially helpful, attend the church prayer meetings, where you can come into agreement with others, and where the pastors and leaders can see and feel your prayer support for them and the church. God promised special strength through the combined prayer of His children. 

Get to know your spiritual leaders and cooperate with them —  The more you get to know them and their Godly life-style, the more you will likely come to trust their leadership. 

Help shoulder the load of responsibility —  Pastors and leaders of the church often feel much like Moses did when Israel fought with Amelek. Their arms become weary under the weight of so many responsibilities and they need brothers and sisters to stand beside them and help distribute the load. The Lord never intended for the whole ministry of the church to be carried solely by the pastor or a mere handful of people. If everyone would simply pitch in and do their fair share in helping, serving, and giving, all the needs would be met and no one would be overburdened. Be willing to volunteer.

Apply the teaching and ministry to your life —  There’s not much that a pastor loves more than to see their flock practicing what they have preached, living a Godly and holy life. Learn to appreciate the spiritual values they try to instill in you and the congregation.  It helps your church when you live and conduct yourself in a Christ-like manner. Whether you realize it or, you’re a walking billboard for your church. 

Seek out and use your gifts —  According to the scriptures, the Lord distributes gifts to each in the body as it pleases. Spiritual gifts are not provided to you merely for your own gratification, but so the church would be edified or built up. God has given you gifts that will be a help to your church -- it is up to you to discover them, develop and utilize them under the direction and cooperation with your spiritual leaders. By doing so, you will glorify God and be a great asset to the church. 


Be Involved

At Christ Lutheran Church there are many ways in which you can involve yourself at many levels ........ Here are just a few suggestions:

- Be a Greeter or Usher on Sunday morning

- Be a Communion aid

- Help make Coffee or offer some Sunday to host "After Service Fellowship"

- Be a Sunday-School Teacher or Assistant

- Are you computer savy ?  Join the Tech Committee

- Mentor

- Sign up to provide a dish for an upcoming funeral

- Sign up to help at a fundraising event (Pancake Breakfast, Cookout, etc.)

- Offer to do some maintenance projects

- Do you like to sing ? Join the Choir or offer to perform some special music

- Sign-up to help in the nursery

- Join a Committee of Council

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