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* Sunday School (Ages Pre-K thru 5)


The home is the best place to nurture the faith of children. 

At CLC, we help families practice, model, and teach faith to their children. 

We provide ministries, events, and resources to introduce the family to the Bible and the journey of faith in God. 

Join us!

Sunday School

For children age 3 through grade 5  (for grades 6-10 see the Confirmation tab)

  • 8:45 - 9:45 a.m.

CLCs Sunday School classes are designed to help the child get to know Jesus through the Bible in fun, creative ways. 

Teachers create a loving, safe environment for children to help them grow in friendships with God and each other.

There are no fees, and you are not required to be a member of CLC.

Parents are always welcome to observe their children’s classes. Friends and guests are welcome, too!

Family Ministry

CLC helps families nurture the faith of their children through special workshops and celebrations.

We come alongside the family at special moments in the child’s life to help parents and grandparents train and encourage friendship with God. 

Special Events

Throughout the year CLC hosts special events to foster friendships among children and families, 

nurture faith growth, and support positive parenting.

Check out the "Calendar" or the CLC Facebook page to see what’s happening this month. 

 All events are open to the community!   

We welcome friends and guests!

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"All Are Welcome"

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