All Are Welcome

Sunday School

8:45 am - 9:45 am on Sunday mornings
(Follows the school year calendar)

                        Year of the end picture 2015/16 school year   

 We had a surprise visit from the member of another congregation 
and they gave us a "Hope Bear." It was a bear they had prayed 
  over, due to some difficult times our church had faced.
Singing to the residents at Greenway Terrace.

6th-7th Grade

Instruction is held on 
Wednesday evenings 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm 
(Follows the school year calendar.)

                                            2016/2017                       End of Year                                                  

8th and 9th Grade

14 students were confirmed on Reformation Sunday 10/28/2018 here at CLC.

 We congratulate and pray for them as they take the next step in their faith journey! — with Karla Koller Amble, Heston Amble, Emily Kane, Jill Janssen Kane, Nancy Nachreiner, Clinton Kane, Kelly Roberts-Hanson, Taryn Hanson, Courtney Schaffer, Emily Kersten, Nancy Jeans Baenen, Cindy Bergman, Kennedy Kropp and Jennifer Kannenberg.

Confirmation Instruction happens over a two year period during the standard school year. 
Confirmation happens in October when the student is in 
11th grade.

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